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Ons staan aan die einde van termyn 4 en die meeste van die seuns is op die standaard soos vereis word deur koshuisregulasies. Ons wil u as ouer se aandag daarop fokus dat leerders nou moet gereedmaak vir die November Eksamens. Motiveer u kind en bied ondersteuning waar nodig aangesien dit ‘n baie belangrike eksamen is.
Ons wil u as ouers/voogde verseker dat u kind genoegsame studietyd in die koshuis sal kry en ons moedig leerders aan om hierdie studiesessies ten volle te benut vir voorbereiding.
From 26 October 2015 Cambria will start with afternoon study sessions from 14:00 – 15:00. There will also be two study sessions after supper starting at 18:20 – 19:30 and again from 20:00 – 21:00. If you are aware of any study problems in regards with your child, please assist him in working on a functional study time-table with specific time frames ect. Remember that learners who fail at the end of the year will not be allowed into the hostel for 2016.
Private/Personal situations will be discussed with the Principal who will decide on the best solution for each individual learner.
On 22 October the Cambria boys had a braai at the school’s swimming pool. They had so much fun. Thank you guys for your positive spirit and participation in this event. We identified our braai masters and swimmers. I am convinced that our boys will never go HUNGRY!!!!
Cambria braai tips:
1. Never leave your meat unattended, it will disappear in 5 seconds...
2. Never swim after you have eaten!
3. If somebody braais a 350g steak, you must braai a 600g one!
4. Never trust anybody with your meat, taste in braaivleis do differ...
5. Every day might NOT be a good day, but every day can be a good day when you decide to BRAAI!

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