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KUSCHKE NEWS (Article not edited)

Met die nuwe jaar is die termyn goed op dreef. Kuschke started on a positive note with all our new Gr 8 hostel learners. The first day is always the worst, new school, new friends, and hostel prefects blowing down your spine, scared for not knowing what is going to happen next. Die Gr 8 seuns was baie skrikkerig en maar huilerig toe mamma ry, maar het gou aangepas by die nuwe omstandighede van koshuis lewe!
The hostel song and code of conduct was the first thing they had to know before sunset, and surprisingly they did well. The pronunciation was a little bit off but with the Gr9 boys helping them the first day, they did well. I was surprised with their spirit and knew we had a lot to look forward to with these boys.
Gatvas was next, and with the prefects, me and Sir Koutsouradis we started the journey down to “Nuwas” as we do every year. The wheels were pumped and ready to go, pulling the “Anti” and the prefects we had a safe and bumpy journey. They did not know what was waiting, crossing the water bridge was a little scary and slippery but everybody took hands and over we went. With Loyiso on the tree stump and Keegan, George and Brakpan in the water the boys was ready to make the catch of the day…The gr 8 boys had to get on the stump and jump into the water, some of them was eager to go, but as always there is a few who was scared and could not swim. With applause of the others and assurance of prefects they jumped. Sino was our baby, but Loyiso was like a mother Kangaroo and her baby, Sino held on for dear life, and it took a lot of convincing but he did it!!!! Didi was ready to make sure he gets out safely on the riverbank. Die pad terug was nie sonder ‘n insident nie, soos gewoonlik is daar elke jaar iemand wat ‘n toon stamp of sy knieë nerf afval. Ons was amper bo, met spoed het die gr 8 seuns getrek, gesing en was ons op ‘n roll totdat Lazarus sy balans verloor het neerslaan en almal los om hom te help….Lazarus het soos ‘n regte Hero hinke pink opgestaan en met almal se hulp Gatvas terug op sy troon besorg. Well done Gr8’s ….you are now a Kuschke hostel boy.
Next was the trip to “Boerboom” with the boys super excited, the hostel farther Sir Smit and Sir Rothman in the lead, the prefects was ready and they left eagerly to go and find out the story behind Boerboom, exhausted that afternoon they returned to the hostel and did not have a clue what was going to happen next. The boys were called down to Sir Smit where he was ready to tell the story of Tannie Bessie, and he did it well, these boys were scared out of their minds. The prefects had their masks on and Sir Rothman was part of this plan, hiding in the bushes they waited for the scared grd 8 boys, touring the fields the ‘ghosts” jumped out of the bushes. Met ‘n geskree en doodbang
hardloop hulle terug na hulle veilige hawe, die koshuis. ‘n Paar seuns het krismisbed
gemaak, was te bang om alleen te slaap. Boooooooo!!!!!
Atletiek seisoen is sterk op dreef asook die rugby seisoen wat binnekort gaan begin. Daar is baie seuns wat geen sport doen nie, dis baie hartseer want dis ‘n goeie leerskool vir dissipline asook spanwerk, your child need sports, it is a wonderful way for every young child to learn how to participate and teaches him discipline, parents encourage your child to take part in any sports event at school. It keeps them out of trouble and it is healthy….
The next thing you as a parent can do is to make sure your child has your support in encouraging him to be part or take part in the events coming up. Academics is still the most important, be sure to check up on homework and please obey the rules of the hostel.
Thank you to every prefect and especially our Headboy Keegan Nel, you really did a phenomenal job with the Grd 8 boys and in Kuschke.
George, Didi, Loyiso, Brakpan, Bucks and Gumsa ,thank you for all the
time and effort you guys put into the hostel, things are going great and
I know Sir Smit and all the teachers doing duty in Kuschke hostel feels
the same way. You guys really make our hands strong.
We will be known by the tracks we leave.
Groete uit Kuschke!

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